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Thread: xml/asp

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    'Creating a NodeList of the elements in the XML Tree
    Set objNodeList = objDom.documentElement.childNodes

    'Loop through each item in the NodeList and check if its NodeType is that of a Processing Instruction i.e.

    for i = 0 to objNodeList.length

    Set objNode=objNodeList.item(i)
    If objNode.nodeType = 7 then

    set objNewPI = objDom.createProcessingInstruction("YourApp"," ")
    objNewPI.data = objNode.data

    objNode.parentNode.replaceChild objNewPI, objNode

    End If


    These is the script to modify the xml processing instructions. Its actually written in javascript but i've converted it to ASP and it can't work.

    In the asp file, whenever it runs till

    Set objNode=objNodeList.item(i) line, it has error occured. and thus i can't save my file.
    anybody can help....?

    original xml /javascript is
    <SCRIPT >

    /*Declaring memvars to be used later */
    var objDOM;
    var objNode;
    var objNodeList;
    var objNodeListEle;
    var i;
    var objNewPI;

    /* Instantiating the XML Parser */
    objDOM = new ActiveXObject("MSXML.DOMDocument");

    /*Opening the file nodename.xml inysc mode */
    objDOM.async = false;

    alert("ModProcInstr.xml loaded in memory")

    /*Creatubg a NodeList of the elements in the XML Tree */
    objNodeList = objDOM.documentElement.childNodes;

    /*Establishing and Displaying the number of elements in the XML tree in memory */
    objNodeListEle = objNodeList.length

    alert("The number of elements in the NodeList array is:" + objNodeListEle);

    /*Loop through each item in the NodeList and check if its NodeType is that of a Processing Instruction i.e. 7*/

    if(objNode.nodeType ==7)
    objNewPI = objDOM.createProcessingInstruction("YourApp"," ");
    objNewPI.data = objNode.data
    objNode.parentNode.replaceChild(objNewPI, objNode);
    alert("New Processing Instruction created");

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