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    How to fix sitemap issues?

    Hi Friends,

    I have created a website https://www.modiind.com/ in HTML PHP But When I checked its sitemap https://www.modiind.com/sitemap.xml, It showing Error ?

    How to Fix this issue?

    Please help.

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    Hmm, well, the XML is well-formed, so that's not it. I don't have recent experience with sitemaps, so I can't help beyond that.
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    I would suggest just getting rid of the sitemap BS altogether. If your content properly cross-links to itself (aka how users normally get to your pages) it serves ZERO legitimate purpose and is a waste of your time and bandwidth.

    They have pretty much since the day the concept was introduced been 100% bull**** doing nothing of consequence on any website -- a placebo for the ignorant to let people THINK they were getting ranked faster in search engines. Not one legitimate UA looks for or does anything of value with them, so just skip that garbage altogether!

    Realistically they should never have been widespread adopted, they solve no problems, and can even do more harm than good.

    Whilst this article is a decade old, that's how long ago this whole sitemap malarkey should have been canned.

    XML Sitemaps: The Most Overrated SEO Tactic Ever : Small Business Search Marketing

    But like most time-wasting money-wasting lie based SCAMS it lumbers on with people still singing unfounded praises based more in fantasy than reality. At BEST it's a placebo... at worst it ends up about as legitimate as the snake oil peddled by the pulpit or two-bit hucksters like Paltrow or that derp calling himself and avocado.

    Bottom line if you have semantically marked up unique content of value, and all the pages on your site can be navigated to via normal anchors by the visitor? Ditch the sitemap nonsense, it is doing NOTHING for you.
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