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    SVG animations and path help


    i am having a hard time understanding paths.
    In this excercise its telling me to put the pen on 0,0 then go down 200px

    But i cant seem to figure out where 0,0 is and 200 px from anywhere doesnt make a triangle.
    i am confused. Any help?

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    0,0 is by default at the top left corner of your SVG element. You have to imagine this as a coordinate system with an x axis (horizontal) and a y axis vertical. The numbers represent the position of a point on these two axes, the first is the x-position, the second is the y-position. A path element creates a “line” along a specified route, and you specify that route with corrdinate points in the “d” attribute. I suppose the reason why you don’t see anything is because the value is invalid as it’s missing commas between the x and y values. Try it with
    M 0,0 L 200,200 L 200,0 Z
    And there are many good sources that explain paths in more detail. For example, there is a difference betwee uppercase and lowercase letters in the d attribute where uppercase stands for absolute positions in the coordinate system and lowercase stands for positions relative to the current position of the “virtual pen”.

    Read here:


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