Hello! I apologize if this is in the wrong thread but I'm not too good at coding ..

The short version: Page is display 7 posts instead of 8. Platform is run on blogger - even when I manually change number of posts, it still will only display a maximum of 7. Code in another post below.

The long version: I run a blog with my friend and we downloaded a free layout (here: http://btemplates.com/2012/blogger-template-madkassar/) ... we run the blog on blogger/blogspot. I ended up poking and prodding at the code until I aesthetically customized it to my liking, and everything was running smoothly until I literally woke up today to find a glitch.

This layout used to display 8 thumbnails per page. When I went to the code this morning all of it had mysteriously been converted to this "XML" format and the old coding completely jacked up the layout. Even when I manually change the "number of posts per page" to 8 under blogger settings, it doesn't display beyond 7 posts. I tried even changing the number to 12, 16, 20 ... nothing. I can't understand how to edit new code either. Can anybody tell me if this is a coding problem or if it's a blogger issue? Or is this CSS or HTML issue ..?

Here is the website: www.izandoz.com

Thank you in advance! xo