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    Need a little direction with XML please!

    Thanks for reading this....

    How do you imagine I can achieve this?

    What I am trying to do is this: when someone completes an email registration form that creates a user within a learning management system.....that's it.

    So basically its one registration for two services.

    I use Infusionsoft for Customer Management that will capture the information (such as email and name) and they allow you to communicate with third party application via their API. I have created an API Encrypted Key -

    The receiving Learning Management System has the following advice:

    Create a new user

    Action: create_user

    Arguments: login, password, name, surname, languages, email, token

    The most used action is the creation of a new user. The application must provide its token, the login and the password of the new user, his name and surname, his email and his language. The module checks whether the provided token is valid and whether its status is logged. If so, it processes the request and creates the new user, otherwise it responses an error message.

    An example of the usage of this action is the following:
    So my question is - where does XML fit into this?

    Would the thank you page have hidden XML code that contains the encrypted API Key?

    Thanks for all advice - and help.

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    Link does not work. But I see no real reason to have xml in the process you describe. What makes you think it's used?
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    Thanks for your reply. The link was just an example.

    I thought that XML would be required?

    This is what I am trying to do - does it not require XML?


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    Looks like efront has provided an api to their system, which *responds* using xml format. I.e. you call it with the url of the type you show above, and the response is formatted in xml. It's not clear to me whether they provide the code to parse the xml back into some php structure, or whether you need to do that parsing yourself. If they do the parsing, then for all intents and purposes you don't care that xml was ever used. But if you're expected to parse the xml, then of course you'll need to know how to do it. I'd look for a code example on one of the simpler calls (like the first, to get the initial token) and see if you can find an example of how that token comes back - is it just using another function call of theirs, or is it actually getting and parsing xml.



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