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    invalid xml - help?

    Very new to XML.. as in like 5 minutes ago. I need to use an xml document for an infopath form I am doing which will be hosted on Sharepoint. I am doing cascading dropdowns.

    Essentially, when a user selects a "Mission Area," the "Domain" dropdown should change listing all options for that mission area. Here's the code I devised:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    	<Domain MissionArea="Business">BUS - Acquisition</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="Business">BUS - Financial Management</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="Business">BUS - HUman Capital Management</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="Business">BUS - Installations & Environment</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="Business">BUS - Logistics</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="Enterprise Infrastructure Environment">EIE - Communications</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="Enterprise Infrastructure Environment">EIE - Computing Infrastructure</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="Enterprise Infrastructure Environment">EIE - Core Enterprise Services</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="Enterprise Infrastructure Environment">EIE - IA</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="War Fighter">WAR - Battle Space Awareness</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="War Fighter">WAR - C2</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="War Fighter">WAR - Force Applications</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="War Fighter">WAR - Force Logistics</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="War Fighter">WAR - Force Management</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="War Fighter">WAR - Force Protection</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="War Fighter">WAR - Joint Training</Domain>
    	<Domain MissionArea="War Fighter">WAR - Net Centric</Domain>

    However, it says that it is invalid. Is there something wrong with my syntax? I attempted a validation on W3S and received the same invalid error.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Oops.. never mind. Had an ampersand in there. Solved.


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