Hey guys.

new to boards and quite new to xml.

I have a template in XML.

its a big list of items in this format:
<!--Potent Flame Spessarite-->
      <If Condition="(int)Me.Gold &gt;= (int)Settings[&quot;MinimumBuyOutGold&quot;]" IgnoreCanRun="True">
        <BuyItemFromAhAction ItemListType="Item" ItemID="23101
" MaxBuyout="14g23s81c" Amount="20" BuyAdditively="False" AutoFindAh="True" BidOnItem="True" Location="0, 0, 0" />
see the "Item ID" and the MaxBuyout="14g23s81c"

This is the price of somthing.

I have a .CSV file which gets updated every day with new "prices"

The new prices look like this in a .CSV

Realm	ItemID	ItemName	Market	Quantity	MarketAverage	MarketStdDev	ReagentPrice	LastSeen
H-Terenas	23101	Potent Flame Spessarite	47500	0			57300	2012-08-20T23:08:30+02:00
I need to match the item ID's and import the "reagent price" into the "MaxBuyout" on the xml file.

but there is 12,000 items and you cant imagine how long it would take to do by hand.

is there a tool or script that would make this more simple to achieve.

Thanks in advance!