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Thread: XML Categories.

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    XML Categories.

    Hello, i have this kind of file in xml:

      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="2397" min="1" max="1" category="1" chance="12"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="2402" min="1" max="1" category="1" chance="19"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="2406" min="1" max="1" category="1" chance="8"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="1864" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="166667"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="1866" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="62500"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="1878" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="37037"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="1885" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="7092"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="1889" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="5435"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="4069" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="2102"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="4070" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="3192"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="4071" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="1615"/>
      <drop mobId="18001" itemId="4197" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="8"/>
      <drop mobId="18003" itemId="17" min="30" max="90" category="1" chance="21739"/>
      <drop mobId="18003" itemId="1868" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="27522"/>
      <drop mobId="18003" itemId="1786" min="1" max="1" category="3" chance="9174"/>
      <drop mobId="18003" itemId="1873" min="1" max="1" category="4" chance="6423"/>
      <drop mobId="18003" itemId="462" min="1" max="1" category="5" chance="61224"/>
      <drop mobId="18003" itemId="426" min="1" max="1" category="6" chance="36585"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="1895" min="1" max="1" category="1" chance="230769"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="4988" min="1" max="1" category="2" chance="5349"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="4043" min="1" max="1" category="3" chance="25209"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="4042" min="1" max="1" category="4" chance="14778"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="4040" min="1" max="1" category="5" chance="14151"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="4401" min="1" max="1" category="6" chance="1617"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="8740" min="1" max="1" category="7" chance="870"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="8730" min="1" max="1" category="8" chance="621"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="5489" min="1" max="1" category="9" chance="17442"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="5485" min="1" max="1" category="10" chance="10950"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="5486" min="1" max="1" category="11" chance="7713"/>
      <drop mobId="18007" itemId="5305" min="1" max="1" category="12" chance="249"/>
    And i want it to be sorted by mobid first and then by category. Like this.
    <drop mobId="18001"/>
       <itemId="2397" min="1" max="1" chance="12"/>
       <itemId="2402" min="1" max="1" chance="19"/>
       <itemId="2406" min="1" max="1" chance="8"/>
       <itemId="1864" min="1" max="1"  chance="166667"/>
       <itemId="1866" min="1" max="1" chance="62500"/>
    <drop mobId="18003"/>
      <itemId="17" min="30" max="90"  chance="21739"/>
      <itemId="1868" min="1" max="1" chance="27522"/>
      <itemId="1786" min="1" max="1" chance="9174"/>
    Anyone know how to do it? Any clue is welcome.

    Thanks a lot.
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    looks like Muenchian Sort can accomplish that, though I haven’t used it in ages.

    well, it also depends on which language you want to sort in.
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    Edit: Thank you, i done everything i wanted..
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