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    simplexml addchild problem

    I am using the addChild() method with simpleXml, but for some reason I cant seem to close off my <item> node properly, either that or <item> node was not opened properly

    Here is my array print out

    SimpleXMLElement Object ( [item] => Array ( [0] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [contract] => 1234 [price] => 4.99 [name] => Image converter ) [1] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [contract] => 5678 [price] => 9.99 [name] => Silver membership ) ) )

    I am trying addChild() in this manner
    PHP Code:
    $xmlString $_SESSION['cart'].'</cart>';
    $cart = new SimpleXMLElement($xmlString);
    $items $cart->addChild('item');

    $items->addChild('name''Video Converter'); 
    It pulls in the xml file from a session attatchs the closing </cart> node then makes it an object.

    further more when I try to echo to the page with a foreach loop, it produces no content, plus the foreach loop is iterating 3 times when there is only 2 items to iterate through

    Any thoughts?
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