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    Editing xml data through xslt using contenteditable?

    Im a complete noob in respects to xslt. Here is what I want to do.

    Create an html page from an xml document using xslt.
    The html page will allow the user to edit the data using the contenteditable attribute.
    I then want to be able to reflect these changes in the orriginal underlying xml document. Either based on an "as you type" basis if possible, or by clicking a save button.

    My question is is this possible? Or would I be better off doing it some other way. I plan to implement this in to a Python program using the WebKit engine in Qt.


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    you’ll have to use some kind of programming language to save the changes, as XSLT requires XML input (HTML doesn’t work).

    and even "save as you type" would not be suited for XSLT since XML processing requires a lot of resources.
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