I'm really unsure whether this needs to be posted in the XML forum or the Flash forum, so I apologize if it is out of place.

I'm using a Flash/XML template to help a friend throw together a website--I'm mostly a designer with very little coding knowledge. The menu for the website is XML-driven, with each link loading an external SWF. For instance, "ABOUT" will open an swf (itself XML-driven) with text inside of it, etc.

My question is: how can I make one of these menu links open up a hyperlink rather than load an external SWF? Specifically, the "MUSIC" link contains a nested menu with an audio player for one link (loaded as an external SWF) and the second link I'd like to be able to open up a new browser window and load my friend's Google Play profile. It would look something like this:

>ALBUM NAME (external SWF)
>GOOGLE PLAY (hyperlink)

Is this possible? If so, what do I need to do?

Here's a portion of the code I'm working with:

<name menuName = "" />
  <item caption="ABOUT"  link="about_me/flash.swf" path_data ="about_me/cgal.xml" path_images ="about_me/" />
  <item caption="MUSIC" >

  <item caption="ALBUM NAME"  link="audio_gallery/flash.swf" path_data ="audio_gallery/data/cgal.xml" path_images="audio_gallery/" />
  <item caption="GOOGLE PLAY"  link="" path_data ="" path_images="" />
Clearly, I don't have anything in the "link" or "path_data" or "path_images" fields because I'm not sure how I need to edit this to create a hyperlink.

Any suggestions? Thanks everyone.