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    I need a hosted, XML-driven IVR & PBX platform.

    I'm having trouble finding a hosted IVR & PBX solution. It seems the only options are VOIP platforms, which I want to avoid (due to reliability and sound quality issues).

    The idea is quite simple. I want to develop a script in PHP which enables me to post XML to an API server, receive data from the server (such as a confirmation and/or result) and insert the incoming data into a MySQL database. 80% of the need would be sending prerecorded voice messages/reminders to multiple recipients. The remaining 20% is the need for an inbound solution. Once somebody places a call to one of my telephone numbers, it generates an inbound call result/info in real time, sends data to my server to be gathered in the same manor as the outbound scenario. Gather/parse the data, insert into a MySQL database, etc.

    I'm proficient enough to develop something on my end, however, I'm looking for help or tips on a reliable platform or company that uses real phone lines (not VOIP).

    Thanks for your time and I hope someone could point me in the proper direction. Frustration (over the past month) has definitely set in!


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    Umm, this might not be something we can help you with. I have no idea what IVR is, and only a slight inkling what PBX is.

    The only company I can say I know uses phone lines might be a local phone company.

    I'm not trying to take it lightly, but this request is so specialized there might not be anyone here qualified to answer it.
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    Cisco has a couple of options that certain Cisco-partners could host for you. However the complexity of the solution is dependent on your requirement for outbound and specifically whether your app requires caller classification services or not.

    At any rate Cisco has a server solution called CVP, which leverages most any Cisco router as trunk termination. CVP comes with a web server and service creation environment that has the capability to user out user-defined XML requests over HTTP/HTTPS. On the front end CVP interacts with that router as both a call control mechanism (SIP) and as a voice browser client (imbedded in the router itself - using VXML). There are special scripts found in Cisco's developer portal that enable CVP to launch outbound calls as well as the typical inbound call associated with a typical IVR call flow. And this solution is not VoIP as all the caller interaction and call control occurs within the Cisco router. The CVP server just serves up dynamic VXML content to instruct the router on what to render or accept from the caller.

    Another option is Cisco IPIVR. Completely different and requires Cisco Call Manager and a gateway/router. This is more of a VoIP solution but the app also has similar XML/HTTP features built it. It can do outbound, but again you need to refine your requirements for outbound as to the need (or not) for caller classification.

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