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    indeed.com job roll wont work in blog post.

    Hey all,

    Can someone tell me if what I want done is easy or hard please?

    I've got a blogspot hosted blog, it ranks so well I do NOT want to move the blog to it's own domain and put wordpress on the hosting site.

    that said... I need to implement an employment job site form and it wont work in a blog post.

    With blogspot... if you want some javascript or something other than straight html to work Google gives you a sidebar that's 'other than xml' enabled (I just coined that term for lack of a better one)

    Here's the deal: blog is about getting a job where I live.
    I supplement my income by installing an indeed.com job search box
    search box works on and is written for static website (html) off the shelf indeed.com search box refuses to render in xml

    before I ditch indeed.com for monster.com or one of the others is this something I can easily fix by adding a line or two the the xml file?

    thanks in advance

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    We need more information - specifically, the source code you have to work with.
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