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    XML forum rules: please read

    • Post samples of your source code. Because XML has a larger scope and more flexibility than other languages, it's crucial for you to post samples of what you're working with. It's very difficult for others to help you without knowing what you're doing. For XSLT questions, this means the original XML document you're trying to transform, the XSLT stylesheet you're using and preferably a sample of the desired output. Use \[code\]...\[\/code\] tags to enclose XML markup (minus the backslashes, please).
    • Tell us what scripting or programming languages you are working with. XML by itself is not very useful - often you need another language to read or manipulate the XML data into your desired format. If you intend to read the XML by JavaScript, please say so. If you plan on using PHP, please mention it.
    • Server-side XML processing questions are OK. Although this forum falls under the client-side category, if you have a question that's server-based, that's fine too. (Don't cross-post the question here and in another forum, please. If it's appropriate, I or another moderator can move the thread to the right server-side forum.)
    • In case you missed it: Before you post, read our: Rules & Posting Guidelines
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