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    External document viewed within div or something similar.

    Site address: http://www.thatspoppycock.com

    The simple way: If you look along the left-hand side underneath the titlebar and buttons, you will see a box w/ a picture as the heading, reading "Featured Articles." I want to make this box so that it gets its information from an external file, so that it can be displayed uniformly throughout the site.

    More advanced: I'd like to have a more advanced way of updating this if at all possible. I'd like to be able to goto a certain hidden webpage on my server, enter a password, and enter link information so I don't have to go into Dreamweaver and enter all my information every single time; after entering the information, I'd like it to appear how it does now under the "Featured Articles" heading. I really want to implement a "favorites" box with the most popular links throughout the site, on every page.



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    Well, if you have php on your server, where the box is, just type:
    PHP Code:
    <?php include('path/to/file.php');?>
    The updating is more advanced, the easiest thing to update is a database. Do you have MySQL on your server?
    I assume the file will be password protected, but is that something you need help with aswell?
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