Back on April 25th, 2007 I created Realm of Dragons. It is a browser based, text based, online, RPG game. It is coded in HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL and JS in procedural coding.
The game operates on a shared server with the domain name Realm of Dragons - Login

The game features:

  • Over 250 enemies
  • Over 18 towns
  • Over 200 Items
  • 62,500 possible steps when exploring the world
  • Side quests and main storyline
  • Players can obtain towns and fully manage them, stock items in the town, set prices, give free inns to members, etc.
  • In-game player forum
  • In-game player chat
  • In-game support ticket system
  • Full admin control panel to alter almost everything in the game in drag and drop mode
  • Statuses include banned, normal, moderator and administrator
  • Player profiles
  • Item mall for when players donate money
  • News and updates feature
  • Full player control panel with tons of options
  • Fortresses and alliances to build fortresses and defend, alliances to create teams
  • Player selling, trading, buying feature to buy, sell and trade with other players
  • Wedding chapel for players to get married
  • Hitman to put a target on someones head
  • Dozens and dozens more things

Within one year, people donated a little over $5,000. So it's a profitable game. I shut it down briefly in 2012 for bug fixes and then again in 2014 to do massive updates and structural changes and it got to be too much for me, I needed a team of coders and couldn't do it on my own. I attempted some in 2017 but I have a full time job that takes up all of my time, so I am ready to hand it off to someone who can keep it alive.

I've had some offers for it in the past when I wasn't interested in selling, so just throw out an offer.