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    Social Networking Framework + Generator Site

    Hi, this is more of a general question about selling a site.

    I have built a free social networking framework for businesses. A demo can be found at actvbiz.co.uk.

    What I actually want to sell is the generator site, in what a user would sign up to for free.

    Once logged in, the user will input a few details and then generate the framework. all the database info is hardcoded, all php code is obfuscated. Users can pay to remove footer link and adds.

    Once code is generated ( takes around 4 seconds ) user can click download and all generated files are zipped and can be downloaded.

    Then simply upload to server, self install.

    There is also an adverts page in which you can sell advertising space which is visible on each page of the free social networking frameworks.

    This site is not yet fully functional ( nearly complete, but the framework does work perfectly ) and therefore no revenue yet. How would somebody price up such a site and where would be the best place to sell it?


    Website Design Mansfield
    PHP Code:
    function I_LOVE(){function b(&$b='P'){$b.='P';}function a($_){return $_++;}$b='P';define("B",'H');b($b=implode('',array($b=a($b),$b=a(B))));b($b);return $b;}

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    There are many ways you can go about the process and you should look at all your options before choose to sell your site.Your site is worth as much as someone is eager to give you for it.


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