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buy it now- $125
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4) Additional Info, such as traffic details, revenue, cost of upkeep:

MyEasyTweeter is a small desktop client that allows users to post to Twitter straight from their desktop.
It allows users...

* to post a single tweet without having to visit the Twitter website,
* to import an unlimited list of tweets from a text file, and post these tweets to Twitter at random intervals.

Users will love this tool because...

By automating and scheduling their tweets, users will not only save time, they will also keep their stream of tweets going while they're taking care of other important things.

MyEasyTweeter allows you to get the word out about your website(s) and generate a continuous stream of traffic:

* You can add unlimited banners to the application header.
* These banners are linked to the website(s) of your choice and will be rotated every time a users opens your application.
* Whenever a users sends out a tweet with your application, the tweet will contain your website name and a link back to your website, there for everyone to see... and click!
* MyEasyTweeter can also make you easy money! At the bottom of your application window, a link to the Twit App Generator tool has been added. This link will carry YOUR personal affiliate ID, which allows you to earn 50% commissions on referred sales ($49 and $147) and make money on autopilot!

A fully designed website & domain is included (Design is UNIQUE and will never be used again):

* sales/landing page
* download page

On the landing page, visitors have the option to get MyEasyTweeter for free in exchange for a tweet, or use the paypal button to purchase it. Through the viral Twitter form, you'll be able to keep the buzz about your software going on Twitter and get a continuous stream of visitors on autopilot. (The twitter form is set up with the ViralTweets script)

On the download page, extra affiliate offers/free downloads have been added. By adding your own affiliate ID/PayPal address, you can earn extra cash... simple as that.

The website is fully operational and ready to go; all you need to do is add your own PayPal button code, replace my Twitter name with yours and put your own affiliate ID's in place. (I'll make the necessary changes for you if necessary)


* MyEasyTweeter software (with all rights)
* all site files (ViralTweets script included)
* MyEasyTweeter userguide and license files (both in PDF and .odt format)
* all graphics (all editable .png files included)
* myeasytweeter.com domain name (free push via Godaddy)
* complete transfer- and setup guide
* extra ebooks that'll show you how to drive traffic to your site


Godaddy - Expires January 19th, 2011