1) Site for sale: http://www.nyxre.com

2) Asking Price (or if auction, starting bid plus end time in days): 500-750 (It's very negotiable though)

3) Payment method (ie: Paypal, Escrow etc): PayPal would be best

4) Additional Info, such as traffic details, revenue, cost of upkeep:


The website is a text based RPG, with 1200+ members and loads of items, locations, skills, etc...

Reason for selling: Lack of interest in it. Lack of time as well.


Some stats here: http://extremetracking.com/open?login=nyxre

Or totally different ones here: http://www.nyxre.com/images/analytics.bmp

Cost of Upkeep

63 per month for a server, but you could use a different server of course


Most of the income comes from player donations. The site has been running for 276 days and has had a total of 629.80 in donations.

That works out at roughly 69 per month. So taking away the 63 per month for the server it's about 6 profit per month. Not much really. But there is advertising money as well which I haven't factored into this.