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    If you really know code, would you be interested in starting this project with me?

    I mentioned this elsewhere but didn't get much of a response, so...

    I think this would take a team of programmers. I doubt one of them would be me, because I only know HTML.

    Anyway, I want to create a website that will enable the user to easily be asked 25 questions that he must give one-word answers to.
    The website will then be able to print out a 120-page movie script based partly on those answers.

    People actually have tried doing this, but the results have been poor.

    I need to know things such as:

    -what backend and frontend computing languages would need to be used?
    -would the website have to contain an entire English dictionary to draw words from to complete sentences with?
    -could this be done using WordPress?

    This is not a ridiculous post. People have "kind of" been able to do this sort of thing already, but the output was somewhat nonsensical.

    I have tried writing movie scripts: it takes a special talent to write 120 pages or more, and to be able to remember what you put on each page if you need to go back to re-read it! I can NOT do that. I've tried.

    Thank you for reading this, and thanks ahead of time for any comments or suggestions.
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