Hi all,

If interested in the role, please drop me a PM.

About the company:

Our client frees you to make the most of your time by connecting you with local shops and hotels who can store your bags no matter where you are. We believe time is valuable and you should be able to make the most of it. We focused on simplicity, security and scalability, to create an innovative service accessible to everyone.

We’ve been rapidly growing over the last year and recently closed a $1.1m funding round (it’s £850k, but $1.1m sounds so much cooler doesn’t it) to fuel our global expansion.

We’re a young team who strongly believes in making your work a positive part of your life, creating a flexible working environment and making an impact through what we do. People you know will be using our product and we take pride in offering them a good service.

About the role:

As a lead developer, you'll be involved in building systems that support new client-facing features as well as working to improve our internal tools and systems. Your day might range from working on our core API to planning a new host dashboard and managing junior engineers based remotely.

We're looking for someone with a strong overall development background to help act as the bridge between business and tech and to make architectural decisions. This means you'll have a lot of responsibility and autonomy. You should have experience with, and a love for, building scalable back-end systems and beautiful front-end ones. Ideally, you'll have actually built a few in your time. A solid understanding of React or other MVC style frameworks and Python.

We're building part of our development team in Athens so we're open to London candidates who are happy to manage remote devs and occasionally visit, or to Athens based candidates who are happy to visit London regularly.

- Love for crafting beautiful, well-tested code. Our backend is primarily in Python (flask) and frontend is in React.
- Happy to work fast and can strike a good balance between quality and quantity of work
- 4+ years’ experience working within a wider team
- Have an opinion on development processes and infrastructure that's appropriate for a budding scale up. This is really your chance to take the helm at a fast growing and funded startup; we don't just want you to 'use the technologies you want' but to have an informed opinion on what prepares us for scale!

- Experience with Django or Flask.
- Experience with Heroku
- Experience with React
- Experience at a scale-up
- Open-source contributions.
- Strong sense of good engineering and architecture.
- Good understanding of security.

This position is a Lead Developer/CTO role because initially there will be developing required, however, as the company grows it will become a more management focused CTO role.


£65000 - £100000 salary and 3% equity share in the company. However, this salary and equity option is up for negotiation depending on the calibre of the candidate.

Job Type: Full-time