We are looking for a Web Designer with decent Front End Development experience that wants to be part of a long term business venture with a full marketing and sales plan that has some real potential to be a lifelong commitment.

You will work side to side with a experienced Python / PHP coder to develop & design software for new website to be launched in 2014. You will do all the frontend coding / design work and coordinate with the coders to exchange ideas and plan miletones and timelines. You should have an artistic eye to work with our marketing team and develop a high quality logo that fits the site.

We will provide all the of the specific details after speaking via Email then Skype. We are asking for only individuals that want to be commiited to something in the long run.

This business will be focused on the Hosting Industry and will seek to change the scope of what is possible in the industry. We have some great concept and are currently mapping out and planning all of the backend code and our infastrcutre setup. We would love for you to join us in planning this all out aswell. You will get a share of the company once it is legally registered.

Programming Languages: Java, Javascript, HTML5 , CSS3, Jquery

Frameworks: Django, Bootstrap

Contact us throught E-Mail: hosting.recruitment@hotmail.com
(Yes I'm fully aware that I'm running recruitments through a hotmail e-mail, I have started recruitments ahead of schedule to keep my boss satisfied with the strict schedule we have. Domains will be set up by next weekend, causing the e-mail to change.)