We're recruiting for a java developer and having had little success with agencies/advertising websites I thought it might be worthwhile posting on here.

There are currently 2 of us working in the company and we're looking to hire a second Java developer. We work predominantly in the rail industry, making bespoke realtime web applications. Being such a small company an important aspect for me is to be able to have short, regular design meetings and then to be able to leave the development in capable hands whereby questions will be asked as and when required. This would therefore require the candidate to have the ability to pick up new technologies quickly and hopefully with limited support. I'm not saying I won't be there to help, I'm just emphasising that when say a lazy loading exception occurs then google should be your friend rather than me!

The work over the next 6 months will be to develop a web application from end-to-end to communicate in realtime with trains running around the UK rail network. This will include:
- Database design (mysql)
- DAO layer (Hibernate)
- Messaging infrastructure (Websphere or Active MQ, Spring Integration or Camel)
- Service layer
- RESTful web services
- Sencha ExtJS frontend

The role is ideally based in Maidenhead although I work out of Manchester so there may be some flexibility there. Ideally this is for a permanent position (salary negotiable), but feel free to get in touch if you're insistent on contracting.

If you'd like to discuss on the phone, PM for contact details.