Here is a rare opportunity to join an early stage software startup company that is doing some really innovative work across mobile, the web, and devices.

To top that off, the team is still very early and the founders are offering both great pay and early stage equity to early team members. If you don't know what that means then consider that startups raise money in subsequent funding rounds and that each time a round occurs, there is less equity that is up for grabs.

Enough about the equity. The founding team knows their subject matter extremely well and has some very well positioned support from key players in the industry they are working in. Great things come to some by luck, but it is much better when things are designed to get lucky than to have it happen by accident.

Moving on to you, the job could go one of two ways - you are a full stack developer who leans more to the front-end or to the back-end. You will be signing up at a key juncture where your ideas, vision and contributions along with those of the company's early stage CTO will have a major impact on how things are done going forward.

You should be a web application developer who knows their way around the modern web application development stack, from Apache to MySQL and Linux. Ideally, you are someone who has expertise building PHP based applications, but if you are open to working with PHP and have a background in Ruby on Rails or Python plus lots of JavaScript goodness then this would be a solid option as well.

This is a team that is innovating on the cutting edge of web meets mobile meets devices so don't expect this to be yet another social media app style "game changer". To keep up with change is assumed - you should be someone who is curious and likes new technologies. In addition to being that person, you should be someone who is pursuing the latest trends in web application design, performance (think broadly), and tech - things like Node.js, Angular.js (or other client side MVC's), etc.

The job is located in the vicinity of Georgetown/Rosslyn.

If this sounds interesting then we should talk.

Send your resume using the link below.

Note: the recruiter who posted this ad is also a developer and startup founder so if you don't want to deal with the usual recruiter bs you will find yourself in good company.