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    PHP/MySQL Dev Full-Time

    Hello all,

    I own a small development company (US-based) that focuses on PHP/MySQL development. We are looking to add another full-time developer to our team. This developer should possess the following traits:

    - Advanced knowledge of PHP/MySQL; strong knowledge of CodeIgniter is a huge plus
    - Advanced knowledge of JavaScript; strong knowledge of jQuery is huge plus
    - Fluent in WRITTEN English, doesn't have to be perfect but we have to be able to understand each other via email or Instant Message; spoken English is a plus
    - Able to provide explanations and suggestions to me for technical problems that we encounter with projects (so I can explain them to clients)
    - Trustworthy and honest; this is easily the most important requirement. I'll make sure you are treated respectfully, paid fairly, and stocked with work if you are honest and trustworthy with me.

    A few things about working with the company:
    - We focus mostly on the back-end side of things. We develop the necessary interfaces and pages that go with whatever web application we are working on at the time, but the actual programming functionality is our main concern. Any developer hired on would NOT be expected to design graphics/pages, chop up PSDs, etc. Any skills like that are simply a bonus.
    - Remote work; you work from wherever you want (including outside the US if you are offshore). I work with domestic and foreign developers equally.
    - No given work times; as long as you communicate when you want to work, I'm fine with whatever schedule you want to set
    - Coding is your only responsibility; I am the project manager for all projects within the company and I deal with clients myself. You would only be responsible for coding and communicating with me. Nothing more.
    - If you are knowledgeable and we work well together, this can easily turn into a very long-term position (like years). That is the original goal of this post.

    I am looking for individual developers mostly but will consider corp-to-corp (business to business) arrangements on a case-by-case basis. Everyone is welcome to apply. Even if we are not interested in your services now, I will at least respond to you and let you know that.

    Also, if you have other web development skills that you'd like me to know about (such as Ruby, ASP.NET, etc.), you can include that in your email. We keep a database of providers and skills for later consideration even if we don't accept you at present time.

    To apply, send an email to jobs [[at]] advosoft [[dot]] com with the following information:
    1) Name, Location (country at least, state if applicable), Timezone
    2) Hourly rate (for US devs, this is a 1099 position--not employment; let me know if you are unsure what that means for you)
    3) Number of hours available per week, and ideal start date (start date can be tentative, I understand)
    4) List of skills you would consider yourself "advanced" in, related to web development
    5) List of any frameworks/systems you would consider yourself to be very knowledgeable with, related to web development
    6) Any resume/CV/portfolio you would like me to look at. Please attach these as files--don't send an email with 10 pages of text in the body.

    Looking forward to the applicants!

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    Email can not be delivered on your email address. I am receiving delivery failure email. I am sending the same email via PM here. Please response me asap


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