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    Lightbulb Web Developer & Creator

    Web Developers, If you’ve gotten this far to forums - we feel you. It’s a tough world out there, and for those who don’t stop striving - that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

    We are the next best thing since sliced-bread (not that that makes sense).
    Since 2010, we’ve been working on a concept to revolutionize the live entertainment arena and have been preparing to unleash the beast it has become, into this world.
    (Easier said than done right?)... after countless interviews with a select bunch who want to work for someone who tells them boxed-in ideas and concepts and keeps them behind a flickering screen in a dormant environment, we’ve had enough, if you want a job to be dished out and get it done for the regular pay-check, this opportunity is definitely not for you. We’re looking for a leader and permanent team member, not just someone to fill the job.
    Our newest Member and Rock to the Group, The Web Developer - You?

    We are MUSZU, a start-up company in the social networking/entertainment space with a vision to build a collaborative community for people who love to #getout and enjoy the fruits of talent in this world, instead of the generic “bar around the corner”, or travel the world without an over-sized ‘lonely planet’ guide directing us to “trends in entertainment” that was printed a year ago and closed down a week before you planned to go, without knowing.
    This team, us, has NEVER done this before - So exciting, and we’ve had mentors guide us on the right path. The good part about not knowing a damn thing - is that we’re not conditioned to thinking that there isn’t a resolution, we aren’t saying there is only one way to do it, and we’re not saying it can’t be done. Instead we have the power to challenge the restrictions, bend the rules, follow and break them and learn. It’s not been easy, but most of the hard work has been done. We’ve gotten the foundation set to bring in the walls.
    (we can’t tear a hole in the roof if we don’t have the walls first right?)

    We Hail from around the world, and have a strong team... of three (Did I kill the vibe? - a two-legged stool can’t stand up!), a boasting array of fans, a solid business plan (and big plans at that...) and we are looking for a talented web developer <---- (scratch that) we are looking for THE WEB DEVELOPER to become part of the team on this exciting project and join the family in this beast.

    What we are looking for in this role is:
    1. Someone who has experience in building a social networking platform (think... twitter, reverbnation, pmp)
    2. Someone who wants to not only use this as their best portfolio work, but to build their own dreams as an extension of using this project as the trampoline to bounce from. (let us be your springs!)
    3. Someone who eats, sleeps and dreams of creating the next big thing
    Someone who is looking for a vehicle to unleash their inner creative-genius
    Someone who wants to invest into making amazing money
    Someone who loves being in a team

    Please answer the following in response to this email:

    Do you Love New York City? Have you Been? If not, would you like to go?
    Best Working Experience? What made it Awesome?
    Biggest Strengths?
    Biggest Weaknesses?
    Vanilla or Chocolate?
    Last Event you Attended?
    Got Facebook, Twitter, a Blog?
    Favorite Quote?
    If you knew you would not fail, what would you do?
    Do you like to travel?
    If I were to ask your 5 closest friends to describe you in one word, what would their answers be?

    You could be a student, or a seasoned professional, but we want someone with Passion.
    This is Your opportunity NOW, and our biggest prayers to find YOU (where ever you are). You are the missing puzzle-piece and we cannot wait to hear from you.

    Please respond to this opportunity with "samples of your work” and answers to the top 9 statements above... (a simple true or false will do)

    See You Soon
    Team MUSZU

    Twitter @muszumedia

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    Please be more specific on the nature of this position- is it paid/ full time, or otherwise?
    - George
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    - JavaScript Reference- JavaScript reference you can relate to.

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    The position (whether full time or part time) will depend and be discussed in terms of the skills of those interested in what we are offering.

    Quote Originally Posted by WA View Post
    Please be more specific on the nature of this position- is it paid/ full time, or otherwise?


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