I am looking to start up a new blog, random-scribblings.com - A blog about anything and everything interesting a funny from around the globe. R-S will consist of articles that combine the best of a certain subject i.e. best video games of 2012, scariest movies of the 90s, cutest dog pics etc etc.. Similar to http://runt-of-the-web.com/.

I am looking for a dedicated and hard working PHP coder to help me kick start and maintain this WordPress blog. I have many great ideas to but really need a coder to help me put them out there.

Looking for:
~Polite and easy going.
~Follow instructions carefully.
~Hard working.
~Experienced in PHP.
~Experienced with blogs, preferably WordPress based.

~Install plugins.
~Customise plugins.
~Edit layout.
~General coding.

I did have a blog previously (www.vidstowatch.com) that had an average of 3000+ hits daily through the first couple of months until personal family issues arose. VTW was very successful for such a new blog and i want the same for R-S.

I have the hosting (BlueHost and JustHost you can decide which you'd prefer) and the domain.

Unfortunately as i am a university student i don't have much in the way of money, but i can pay $20 a month, free advertising on VTW (vidstowatch, which i will be re-launching) and R-S, as well as more cash when the blog becomes popular and starts generating revenue.

If you are interested, please pm me or reply below.
Thank you for your time!