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    Smile Looking for programmers and designers for a new business offering computer services.

    Programmers and Designers Wanted

    Looking for programmers and designers for a new business offering computer services.

    For Web Development/Design Field

    As well for Mobile development tools, and various other services.

    Here are all the languages that I am looking for people to have. If you know any one or all of the skills listed. As well any other skills you have, please reply.

    Services Provided:
    Web Design
    IT support
    Online Support
    Hardware marketing
    System analyst
    Database management

    I am interested in starting up an online business idea. I am posting here to get in contact with as many interested people as possible.
    I like to do is create an online business that offers services in the IT world. From programming languages, to networking , web designing and more.

    I like to get as many people interested as possible. I like to have a long list of pool of people who would be interested in being part of this. I like to create an army of programmers who would be at my disposal for when a project comes up I will be able to assign work to as many people as possible at short notice and would be able to do the job as required. They would be willing to start this out and grow with the company.

    I know that people are expecting good employment and good pay. My goal or Idea is everyone can grow with success with company. That success will be achieved by working together and everyone gets a piece of the pie.

    Way it would work, All clients come to the company. Contracts are handed down to everyone of that expertise. I would have control and communication with client. For each project you do.
    We will set up a contract on each one. I get those contracts and set up a rate for client to pay etc. As to services, then contract work is given to everyone else depending on the work. Work rewarded to list of people who will be sitting and waiting for the work. There will be a set rate divided from contract in regards to pay. We will work all as a team and keep communication open.
    Contracts will change for each contract, but I will set up a min pay for sure. Pay can be min and if I we got a really good client, then pay would be higher. Depends on demand and skills etc.

    The name of my business is here


    The site is in progress. So I will be building on it more later. It is just in its basic form now. As this is a new business. At this time, not in business yet. Just starting to build.
    That is why I am recruiting. I need to get in contact and have interested candidates apply and we can discuss the matter. Perhaps interview with skype etc. I like to have people on hold but available for when we do go in business. I need to have contractors ready to go as I can then be able to offer services to clients.
    I am located in Canada. I am open to contractors from anywhere in the world. If language barrier. We can work that out.

    Contact me at koss78b2@yahoo.ca

    Attn. WT

    In your email to me. Mention what is your favourite season and favourite food.
    So make sure not spam.

    Email me all your questions and if your interested your portfolio, resume, and mention what your expertise. I will get back to you for sure.

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    You're setting up a service brokerage for custom programming, ok no worries. Tons of them around, many successful. Also called headhunters, recruiters, IT providers, etc. Most of the companies I've dealt with have local offices and are staffed with people to help you fill a contract or job. You are going online-only, which is going to be much more challenging, because you can't send your professionals off to interview with your clients, and give your clients the opportunity to select the people that will be on-site providing the service.

    Speaking of clients, is your idea to gather professionals first, then clients later? That won't really work out very well... not many programmers will wait around for work-- they'll find work elsewhere so when you finally call on them they'll be busy. Better to find clients and post the job openings which will attract programmers.

    At any rate... good luck with your efforts.

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    thanks for your reply. But how am i supposed to get projects done when i don't have the staff ?

    i figure in order to supply services. i need staff first to advertise to the client


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