Im the founder of a gaming community called GT-Gaming. We are a web and game server based community and have our own domain, forums and wiki at

We already have developers experienced in Lua but unfortuantelly that is not required for this project.

We are planning on making an indie game by the name of "StarForge" and it will utilise Java code. The game will be similar to "Minecraft" in the way that it is a 3d block based game, but in space.

-- The Position --

The position will most likely be Head Coder for the project, and we are looking for 1 or 2 developers. This project is quite big and will take atleast a few months to create. The position is full time or part time.

If you wish to stay with us after the project then we will continue to pay you. If you decide to leave then we will give you a final pay package and you can be on you're way.

-- Pay --

Unfortunatelly, i cannot pay you until we actually make a sale as i do not have a stable income.

An alternative method would be for me to start an "Indiegogo" campaign to raise about $1000 and then i could pay you for each piece of code you submit.

-- Contact Information --

If you are interested in the position above or for any other position you think may be useful for this project please email me at