Hello everyone,

I'm new here, so hi everyone again

I my self a Graphic Designer, I'm a freelancer. I'm receiving quiet high number of projects and my coder suddenly disappeared so he left the projects half way. (Hope he's not dead)

I'm a looking for a professional coder/programmer/web designer has to be a freelancer. The requested coder has to be very skilled on server hosts, joomla, wordpress, magento and OSC. Also PHP, ASP, Ajax and the more you know the better...

Now if you are the right person you can start working from now. You get the project done tonight you receive your CASH through paypal.

But before anything, you will have to show me your portfolio/sites you've coded before.

Regarding the payments, nothing promised as a static wages but all depends on the client's wages. For example I've got a project pending, if you get it done you will receive from $50 to $100. So it all depends, and sometimes you can receive up to $300...

I'm not really sure if I'm allowed to put my email but if its not allowed can a moderator just delete it off.

Please get in touch ASAP, this is an urgent position..

Email: sofiano@live.co.uk

Thank's for this nice forum.