I'm in need of one job for my WordPress blog. You must be absolutely sure you're able to do exactly what i ask if you want this job.

My blog is regularly updated with videos so the main page loading speed is pretty slow:

I'm going to try and explain this as best i can: Basically instead of being able to play videos from the main page. I'd like to have just the image of the video (which could be from Youtube, Metacafe, College Humor or any other video site) on the main page and once that image is selected the user is re-directed to the proper page where the video can be played properly.
If you're certain you're able to that then pm me with your price. If you're not entirely sure what i'm requesting, feel free to pm your question

I will be paying no more than $15 for this job, but if you can go cheaper you're more likely to be chosen. I won't be emailing, skype'ing or whatever until i hire you for the job.

Thank you for your time