Hey Everyone

My Name Is Alexander Sebastian. I am Looking for a coder for a few projects i have planned!

I have quite a few projects that are mainly wordpress plugins that could yield a lot of money if marketed effectively!

I am a internet marketer and have been creating information products online for a few years and have decided i need to step into the software market (wordpress applications and then iphone/android apps)I have a massive list of contacts and i am looking for a programmer that would like to work with me in developing a few projects for a split in the profits!

I do not pay workers for the work they do i offer a split in profits as i get a much better finished product! Of course if you would rather i can pay a fixed price but i can practically guarantee you wont make anywhere near as much money.

If you would be willing to discuss this more and sign a non disclosure agreement so i know you wont take my concepts i would love to see what you think!

We can talk on skype at : alexander.sebastian.marketing
or email at: alexander.sebastian.marketing @ gmail.com (remove the spaces)

Also you can check out one of my current websites at www.goviralseo.com

I Hope you take the time to consider this offer, and this is not a one off project... i need someone with skills at coding and this could be very profitable for us both!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alexander Sebastian