Wattle Project is looking for student programmers who are either junior or senior level computer science/engineering majors and have proficiency in programming, coding, web developing, and hacking.

Currently the "wattle project" is a group of programmers looking forward to making some multiplatform clients and apps, and represent colleges such as Stanford, Harvard, MIT, CMU and UIUC.

We are looking for students who enjoy lan parties and are able to sit and go on coding streaks for hours and hours.

The following skill sets will be used on this project:
Apache Cassandra
PHP compiling with Hip Hop
memcached, flashcache
scribe and a few other codes we are currently engineering

Competition will be tough, but we are sure if you have the balls and brains, this will be an ideal opportunity for you.

Also we will have a video conference on March 5th and 2:00PM EST with the rest of the team.

This project will span for 3 months during the summer, and students will be compensated with a stipend.

Students who are chosen will be coming to Chicago, Illinois on the heart of Northwestern Universities Campus.

All airfare, room and boarding, as well as allowance money (stipend) will be provided for students to spend. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and in near the campus, there are some of the best restaurants and places to have a good time. Programmers are expected to average over 800 lines of code a day, optimally. Also as an added bonus, those who are part of the development team may receive a macbook pro or smartphone as a perk.

We are only looking for 3 more students, and you may wonder why we are looking for students. Simple, because we are all students and prefer to work with our own peers. Undergraduate and Graduate students are both welcome to apply, my email is also leric90@gmail.com

We are being funded by an angel in the Chicagoland area, and our marketing team is lead MBA's and other students who are part of Northwestern and UIUC's undergraduate programs.

If you are accepted, we will send you an invitation to the video conference and a non-disclosure agreement form.