We are looking for a PHP/MYSQL developers who are familiar with OpenVZ and Xen kernels on Linux operating systems. We are in need of a control panel to manage containers (VPS) on linux servers so that clients can manage their VPS via web interface. We need something just like HyperVM from lxlabs.com or something similar to Virtuozzo from Parallels.com.

You must be familiar with the following areas:
*PHP and MySQL programing with a Linux platform/server
*Familiar with OpenVZ and Xen API's and kernels.
*Familiar with what a VPS/Container is and what a client would expect to have for controls
*Familiar with creating bash scripts for an installer.
*Familiar with making software that can speak to several servers like HyperVM.

Let me know if you are interested in this, and we can hire you immediately. We pay on the 1st of every month and on the 15th of every month.

This will be an hourly job at $6/hr to start. Once we can get the software developed and release, we will be looking to increase wages as we begin to sale the software. Our company will be the major buyer once it's completed.

Please send all resume's to jobs@dmehosting.com