Game Administrators needed.

Would you like to run your own text based RPG? If the answer is yes, please keep on reading as this could be your lucky day!

Just to get things straight, I will NOT be expecting any payment for this nether will I be giving any. These will be voluntary positions for people who love text based RPG’s.

Maybe you have played some one else’s game before and always wondered what its like to be an admin or owner of that game or maybe you have always wanted to make your own game but just don’t have the know how to do it, now’s your chance.

Before I go any further, I am not just looking for people who would like to have all the power of being a manager or admin without any of the responsibility.

You will be required to maintain a game and keep it running smoothly and fairly. You will also be in charge of your own advertisement, you will be required to gather the players for your game and keep them playing!

More information is available on request. The first step is to fill out a simple application form by visiting the link below.

Please give as much detail about your self as possible, don’t feel that you can right too much because you cant. =]

If you have any questions of your own, please leave them in the “Extra information” field of the application form.

Apply here >>