Our title is a Strategic and Tactical Strategy Simulation of The Civil War. Civil War General is currently in Production.


Civil War General, is a Hex Based Strategic and Tactical level game that will bring The Civil War right to your doorstep. Command either The North or The South and command the entire might of your country's military.

Civil War General will place you in the commanders chair. You are in charge of all military decisions. From moving armies throughout the land to planning massive assaults against your enemy. You will be in charge of organizing, equipping, and leading your army. A Officer pool will also allow you to bolster the leadership of your army, corps, division and even brigade with whichever officer you feel ought to lead it.

As great of a General you may be you must also be skilled in diplomacy. So Be sure to better your relations with your friends and enemies as they may shift the balance of power.

As leader of your nation you must decide the attitudes of your nation. You will be put in charge of winning this war. Do you think you have what it takes?

Included Features:

- Large Scale Hex Based Maps that will allow the player to move and fight in Strategic & Tactical levels.

- Intense and grand battles that will test the metal of the player.

- A detailed Diplomacy Structure, which will allow the player to make alliances, improve relations, send gifts, make peace & more.

- A financial system for the player to utilize to view income and increase / decrease taxes

- A Policy structure that will allow the player to change their nations policies and attitudes.

- A large and indepth Campaign system that will cover every year of The Civil War. You will be able to lead your armies from formation to final victory.

- A complete Scenario section that will cover each important battle of The Civil War. You will be able to play either The North or South through every detailed battle.

- A Large Leader Pool, where you can assign officers to lead Brigades, Divisions, Corps & even Armies.

And Much More...

SALARY: PAID Part Time position
Please email for more information.

Must be able to code and process C programming language.



This is part time work. I will work around your schedule.