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Exotic Publishing is looking for an experienced web coder such as yourself. If you are not available to work, could you please recommend someone whose code is good and is easy to work with? Also, do you know of any sites where W3C coders hang out where we may post our hiring ad?
Here is our requirement: ONLY
We are a small, professional, independent publisher of a book on a business model for the escort industry. This is sold through our website and other book purchasing sites. We value our team members and offer the following:
• Career and compensation growth for long-term contractors
• The ability to work from home as part of our virtual team
• Professional training
• An intellectual work environment, and a fun atmosphere!

Currently, we are in need of a motivated, talented, lead programmer who's great at their thing, and can prove.

We will start you off on a small project and see how that goes, then we have much larger projects that need to be developed.


We will only accept e-mails from individuals that possess the following job-related qualifications:
• Fluency with a common, object-oriented scripting language (PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.) -- we currently work in PHP, but if you are the person we're looking for, you probably know three or four different languages, and when to use which.
• Fluency with SQL, particularly MySQL's variant. We use Active Records a lot, so if you show us that you know what that means, you'll be that much farther ahead.
• Secure programming practice. Specifically, we want to see how your script grabs input from the outside world and safely puts it in the database. Extra points if you also show us how you use input from the request to work the logic of your script -- for instance, if a user is logged in or not, how does that change your program's behavior.
• Comments in your code that are clear enough for someone who doesn't know you to understand why you did what you did.
Please attach a script that shows all of these things, plus a supporting SQL file that shows the database structure you're working with in the script.

We understand that you're busy and that most programmers don't have a script sample already prepared -- though if you're looking for freelance work, you really should, as it's at least as important as your resume.
So, a quickly edited non-working version of whatever you happen to be working on at the moment won't help us understand if you're the person we're looking for. What will help us is a script that really shows all of the above. This means that all of the functions called in the script are defined in the script, or in a supporting library file that you send to us. If in doubt, send us a stand-alone working script.
We will not assume that $safe_string = dbstring($_REQUEST['unsafe_string']) is actually safe unless we can see how the dbstring() function is defined. If your script uses a well known open source library, then you do not need to include the whole library in your example.

Feel free to send a zipped or tarred package rather than a single script.
Additionally, in order for us to consider your e-mail, you must meet the following requirements:
• The intellect to understand that although we publish a book that serves to educate on how to establish an adult industry related business, it does not diminish our level of professionalism, nor our ability to run an effective, profitable business, and treat contractors, vendors, etc. with respect.

We also build businesses that are mainstream, all geared towards helping the public.
• The ability to take responsibility for all of your actions, & not blame others.
• A minimum of one-year experience that can be verified with you working in that capacity as a virtual independent consultant in your field of expertise.
• Be detail-oriented and confident in making suggestions when you see that something may be improved.
• Have the ability to be organized, set and meet deadlines and work independently in a virtual work environment.
• Possess excellent written and verbal English communication skills to include being able to follow explicit instructions via e-mail, instant messaging and on the phone.
• Demonstrate strong ethics and a solid personal commitment to your responsibilities.
• The desire to work in a friendly, down to earth, virtual workplace that applauds innovation and common sense.
Please include the following in your e-mail, & expect to receive an online application in your inbox:
• The keywords I'm your new PHP Programmer at the top of your e-mail.
• The scripts we asked for.
• Your best “small business” hourly rate.
• A description of your abilities as they relate to our needs, without an accompanying resume, as we award contracts based on the ability for a person/company to sell his/her skills without the structure of a resume. It is your responsibility to sell yourself, please don’t assume that we will assume details about you.
• List how many years you have been working virtually online
• A list of your professional references that can verify your programming abilities.
• List your top three strengths and your top three areas for improvement (everyone has areas for improvement, so you will not be pre-judged by your answer).
• We look forward to hearing from you!

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