We're looking for Forum/Chat Room posters.

The subject is Professional Wrestling. Knowledge of the modern day product is essential. All your posts are not expected to be on the subject.

The position is ongoing.

We will pay 2c U.S/4p U.K per post up to a maximum of 100 posts per day

Why low?

Unlike many forum posting jobs, the position is ongoing, how much you make is your decision. Stay a day or stay a year, up to you.

The unique layout allows posting almost instantly, you can post 3 messages in the time it normally take to post 1.

Interaction with current members is far easier than usual, your posts will rack up easily.

Plus, if you love wrestling, what could be better than to get paid for talking about it?

We're a UK site with mainly UK members

Payment via Paypal

If you're interested, mail us at: platform64@hotmail.co.uk