CWTEnterprises.com is looking to bring on a few
1099 Independant Contractors to enhance our programming team in areas that we are not as talented in. We need reliable talent that can quickly, and with great quality finish projects earlier than expected. We also need people that are willing to often receive projects last moment, and be ok with that. Please don't flame this post, as I understand it's not a glory position, and people will want to say you can't find people willing,etc. We are simply looking to strenghten our outsourcing team, so we can focus on our talents, but be able to sell anything the clients need. Anyways here is what we are looking for.

1. Someone/team, talented in utilizing flash with XML and databases.
2. Someone/team, that is very talented in JSON
3. Talented PHP developers, espically with databasing.

All pay is based on a per project price. Let us know what your outsource hourly price is. With our outsource partners we ask them how many hours they will need (X) *(Y)hourly rate= (N) project price. We require our outsource vendors to have the project done by the due dates if not early.
Please visit our website, and then email me @ chris.tierney@cwtenterprises.com to apply. Please send your desired hourly rate and a portfolio of work. Please also remember to tell me what your strenghts are. We will have you take a few 20 questions tests based on the are of your expertise. We also will not run your projects thru a validator as we understand we are looking for coders not designers, and that html can be jacked by people out of your control.

If you think this interests you please visit our website
Then email me to apply:


*Bonuses exist on higher margin projects for early completion, etc.*