PHP Programmers Needed (Mississauga, ON, Canada)

Pause Productions is a small development house looking for additional PHP/MySQL developers to grow our team. These challenging full-time positions require excellent problem solving skills and proven commercial (real-world) experience.

Most of our projects are unusually complex web applications (online product configurators, global shipping and inventory control, manufacturing and quality control tracking, point of sale, etc) that require creative solutions to unique problems.

We are looking for people who love what they do and share the same passion for technology and building solutions as we do. You should have a drive to devour information and personally improve your skill set and discipline. As a small, rapidly growing privately owned company, we provide a comfortable and entertaining environment in which to work and a place that provides opportunity for growth both professionally and technically. By working directly with the company's principals, your demonstration of exceptional growth, commitment, and achievement will be rewarded.

Knowledge and Experience
Successful applicants will have proven experience in PHP and MySQL, our primary development environment.

Our primary development language, we work in both procedural and object-oriented styles, often mixing the two together to provide the best ratio of efficiency and maintainability. You should have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming techniques in general, as well as specific experience working with PHP 5 OOP. We're looking for someone that can design and implement objects in an efficient and useful way. We are not, however, looking for an OOP fanatic; we need a well-balanced coder that picks the best tool for each job.

This is our primary data storage system. You should (at least) be familiar with MySQL and be able to build non-trivial queries (JOINs, GROUP BYs, sub-queries, etc). We generally work with large volumes of data, so knowing a bit about building efficient tables and MySQL optimization would also be useful (eg: the performance impact of VARCHAR vs. CHAR).

In addition to PHP and MySQL you should have knowledge of some of the other web-based technologies we use on a daily basis, including Javascript and HTML layout methods.

Most of our applications have Javascript code running on the front end in order to enhance the user experience and speed up the application. We do a lot of AJAX / AJAJ work, and the ability to roll your own AJAX apps would be a good example of your skill level in this area.

Smarty, CSS, and general HTML layout
Familiarity with CSS and the ability to know when to use tables, and when to use CSS would be good skills to have. All of our applications need to be cross-browser compatible, so knowledge of little CSS rendering quirks is a plus.

As critical as your development skills, we need our employees to have real world experience dealing with customers and the ability to manage your tasks in order to meet deadlines. You will need to be able to successfully communicate with clients and translate business requirements into functioning code. You should be able to take a request from a customer, understand their underlying needs (asking the right questions if necessary), and then implement a solution that fills the request.

Note that formal education is not as important to this position as is practical (aka "real world") experience. If you've been building complex web applications instead of attending classes, we still want to hear from you.

Positions and Compensation
We currently have the following positions available (however we’re always looking for talented people):

Intermediate Web Developer
Candidates for this position should have at least 2-4 years of experience in programming in the above areas and interfacing directly with end-clients. You should be comfortable working either independently or in a team environment. You have the initiative to understand the scope of a project to manage some of your own tasks but also be able to take direction. You should be unafraid to bring forth ideas to improve projects and to show us your stuff.

Senior Web Developer
Candidates for this position should have at least 5 years of experience in programming in the above areas. You should also have an equal amount of experience working with end-clients in determining how their business requirements impact technical requirements. Senior developers should be able to competently design and manage applications and convert them into extensible database structures and usable interfaces. Though you will often have to independently manage your own work initiatives, we are looking for collaborators. You should be able to confidently lead projects and provide guidance and direction to other developers where required.

These are full-time on-site positions with a full benefits package. We offer a competitive salary based on the position being offered and the successful applicant’s knowledge and level of experience.

How to Apply
Does the above description sounds like you? We'd like to hear from you! Apply online at - there’s a short (painless) exam that will help us evaluate your skill level in different areas, and a way to send us your resume (at this time we are not accepting phone calls or emails).