Hello Everyone.
I want to purpose this job to everyone that is interested.
My need is "Facebook applications with publish_actions permission approved".
I want to collaborate with everyone that is willing use his/her scripts for this.

From my experience, scripts should have Facebook Login integrated and to request the user to grant the publish_actions permission.

Ideas of scripts that may work with this:

- a drawing script (kind of Paint program from our PC).. user access the site, Click "Login with Facebook" button, click "OK" button to grant the publish_actions permission, then he may start to draw, do things... Somewhere should be a "Post to Facebook" button that user may click if he wants to share his drawing on Facebook wall, and also a space where user may write a message with his post. So user white a message and click "Post on Facebook" .. a confirmation message that the post was made should appear. Done.

- a photo album script, where user click to "Login with Facebook" , click "OK" to grant the publish_actions permission, then user can open photos from our site.. if user likes a photo he may click "Post on Facbook" button that should be under the opened photo.It should appear another windows where user may write a message and click aain "Post on Facebook".
For this kind of script we will request also "user_photos" permission because all photos shared from our site will be added in user's Facebook account in a Photo Album for our app.

Once scripts are made you have to go in Facebook Developer and create an App,get App ID and Secret Key and domain and set them in script.... And then submit the app for review, because publish_actions permission needs to be reviewed by facebook team and approved or disaproved.

There are probably many ways to get this publish_actions permission.
Myy ex partner used javascript, php , games in construct2, mobile apps....
What I explaned now is only from what I know from my ex partner that is programmer, he was doing the programming part and I was doing the facebook app submitting part . We don't work together anymore,he wanted to advance in career, and I still need these facebook apps.

Once the Faceook app is approved I pay you, you set my account as admin on app,I change domain,app name etc. I don't need the script, the source,backend, I need only the fb app.

So, I'm willing to pay per approved app.
I can submit the apps for review if you want (this is all I know lol ).
We can use my fb accounts if you want. I need 1 app created on 1 account only.
I need 4-5 apps per day, maybe more.

You can reach me on skp anytime, id: live:tony.maro ( [email protected] ).
I hope that is not violated any rules with my thread, and I hope to get nice and long term collaborations.
Thank you