My company is looking for a professional programmer to develop both client and server for our online isometric chat game. Whilst we are looking to launch a basic version of the game first(this job), we would ideally like to hire some one who is interested in the project and would be available for continuing work into the future. The game is set in a medieval fantasy realm where users control their avatar in their individual sets of "farm land" which they will farm for supply's and resources which they can trade. Users will be able to communicate with friends in their "farm land" and over a instant message system.

I do not wish to go into to much detail public in regards the games idea itself, I will go into this further with interested applicants.

This job is for the development of the first version of the game and will require at least the following things;

1) Avatar Creation (Design character with change of hair, clothes, pants, shoes, and colors)
2) Chatting (Chat is entered, appears in the game inside a chat bubble, and eventually disappears)
3) User created "farm lands" of which they can move, place and rotate items as well as the ability to name it and lock/unlock it the public.
4) Ability to store items in "backpack" for future placement, trade or sale.
5) A control panel system to allow users to jump from public rooms to theirs or others private rooms.
6) A point and click walking system taking into account object detection.
7) Trading system to allow users to pass items from one another.
8) Admin and moderator system (Can manage other users information, credits, Ban Users, Mute Users, etc)
9) Private message system which allows users to add and accept friend requests from other users which are then added to a friend list for future private messages.
10) A system which interacts with paypal for the purchase of "Gold coins" of which can be used to purchase items from a catalogue system
11) Catalogue system of which users will be able to purchase items for their farms with their "gold coins". One the item is purchased it is moved to their inventory.

On top of the client side of development, we also need the server side of things to be in line with the client - do remember this when applying.

For more information please contact me at mathew@thewisebet.com