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    Help me price this project!

    Hello all, and thank you for reading!

    What I'm here for is that I need a website constructed for me, as my web development skills are not too sharp; I understand a lot, and could probably build it, but it'd be a slow process and I'd constantly worry about security.

    Here's an example of what I want: minecraftservers . org

    The basic functionality of the site is so simple: the front page is a list (presumably it pulls from a database?), and each item on the list is a banner (typical banner ad size) that users upload. There needs to be a secure login area where people can submit their website to be put on the list, including adding pictures, links, and details about their site. When a user clicks on the banner on the front page list, it takes them to a page that tells the end user more information about the particular website from the list. Other similar sites use PHP, but that's about all I know. It's really that simple, and if there's a wordpress theme that does this... Well, color me elated

    I'm not too sure how I should be going about finding a programmer, let alone getting a price, and properly explaining to him what I need done, and really getting the ball rolling on the whole process... For the website I need, I'm quite sure that (almost) all of those companies that design sites for you would not work out well, as they seem focused more on design, and probably charge exorbitant fees. That being said, what happens when something breaks on my site 6 months later if I had an independent contractor do it for me (who might not even live in USA)?

    I'm new at this and still (very) confused. It should be obvious that I cannot just hire a programmer full time to do my bidding, as unbelievably cool as that would be

    Thanks to anyone who can offer me some advice and help me get started!

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    Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.


    Can we discuss a few things via skype? My skype is sourav_acumensoft

    Or we can get in touch via email. Please see below the details.

    Skype: sourav_acuusnsoft
    email: sourav@acuusnsofttech.com
    email: sourav.acumencs@gmail.com

    Acumen Consultancy Services PVT LTD


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