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    Can you help me cost this project please?

    Hi guys,

    My partner and I are in the early stages of our first start-up. We are both relatively tech illiterate. We know exactly what our website needs in terms of function but we have no idea how to create it ourselves. More importantly we have no idea how much we should be paying someone to do it for us.

    I would love to learn about the average costs per specific function of our site. I know prices are not cut in stone on the web development market but any knowledge you could share would be great.

    What we need:

    1) Static homepage which begins the customer sales funnel. Following pages will be simple html sales pages.
    2) Payment processors. Stripe and Paypal.
    3) Email opt-in.
    4) User registration. We would like to collect some information on our users. However, we will not require the function of them 'signing in' to any sort of user dashboard on our site or anything like that.

    Our business model is actually very similar to this website and would basically require the same elements.


    Also, I would love to hear advice on hiring one person for this project or hiring different experts for each individual function.

    Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate all of the help I've received from the great people on this forum.

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    Cost for your requirement

    Hello Dane,

    Hope you doing well in new start up.

    I would like to introduce my self as Freelance Web Designer and Developer. As per my knowledge and expertise in this field. I would charge $250 for this.

    But still it is depend on quality of design. I would like to have more details from your end with regards to Project Requirement so that we can provide with Proper Quotes and Time Lines.

    All the Best for your new start up.


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    Pretty easy website to build. Expect to pay $400 - $1,000 for it depending on quality, page content, if there are callbacks on the payment processing, any CMS or admin panels, etc. But it seems straight forward.
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    That sounds reasonably straightforward.

    Given your situation and skills I'd suggest you want to use one of the free content management systems (which allow a non technical user to edit and add content). Personally I'd recommend Wordpress, with an eCommerce plugin which will handle your payment needs and probably another to handle your email needs. Have to admit I've never heard of Stripe but there are indeed a number of WP plugins that would handle this integration.

    For a small project like this I think it would be easier to just use a single developer. There's really no need for more, and you then avoid the admittedly small risk of two different pieces of code from different developers not working with each other.

    I think something in the region of 500-700 should cover it.
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