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    Creating special access codes to watch a movie

    I wanted to know if a concept like this below was possible:

    We are a non-profit who will have selling a movie we made online shortly.

    We would like to make a donation page where if a person donates $100, they will be given five special access codes that can then be sent to their friends e-mails. Their friends will then input the special access code on a website in order to watch the streaming movie. The special access code will be active for 45 days.

    Does anyone have any examples of other companies doing this or any directions on if this is even possible/first steps to take?

    Many thanks!

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    I'm sure many companies/sites use it. It's the same as during signup when a site sends you an expiring confirmation link.
    That can be easily achieved using a server side language like PHP and a database like MySQL. Thats the 'dynamic websites' idea.

    And use cron jobs to delete expired access codes.

    And other stuff and logic but basically, it can be easily done.
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