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    Question Sports Pickem' type project.

    1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):
    I am interested in linking a Pickem' type project like ESPN currently has (Streaks for Cash) to a current project of mine.

    Link to the ESPN Streak system

    I would like a similar visual to above, but have it read in current match ups from my current system in place. I want the project to be almost fully automated with the only part I have to manage being the back end, which would allow me to pick which games I want to be listed for the day/weekly pickem'. The listings to pick from would be auto updated each time a new match is scheduled, or just have a search in place. The project taker would probably have a far better idea then myself.

    I've worked a lot with the WordPress back end, and I'm about 99% the website will run through this user system to manage rankings/information from. I'll want the users to be able to jump from this to the forums and what not so it makes the most sense.

    The system I want to pull match ups from will also have some minor tweaks I want done to its current login system. I don't want to use this login system/db for the main project because of the exclusiveness w/ these users. Unless, the project taker feels a bridge between the two could be a better fit. I realize the code here could cause some issues if it wasn't well done, if so, we can talk more about this later. The big thing is the Pickem' part of the project.

    2) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?):
    The big thing I need to determine is price estimate and the time the project would take. If a suitable candidate is found in this thread we can talk Paypal/Check in a PM.

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    Hi! Would you mind sending me further details of the project at cheska@wickedinnovations.com so we can see if we can possibly work on it. Thanks!


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