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Thread: Trading Project

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    Trading Project

    Dear All,

    I would like to know how the following explanation is translated in programming language.

    First of all, i'm talking from the point of view of a trader that trades stocks, options, futures, etc....
    On daily base we can view an overview of our trades when we visit our broker online. We can only view it, i would like to do more with it. In some cases you can download a *.csv file.

    I would like to make reports of the trades done every day.

    Which language can be used to automatically download the *.csv file/ other file type when the trader has connected to their broker and then visualize the downloaded file in a kind of report on a webpage?

    I found a similar kind of program online. http://www.tradelogsoftware.com/supp...ain-window.php

    I want to use a same kind of script integrated in a website. For example you download the script/program, execute and you see as a trader the trades you did that day in a report with graphs.

    Thanks in advance for your time.



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    Well, it's all about parsing throught the data in the csv file using a program created specifically for that.
    PHP can do that. And some other programs such as asp,ruby on rails.
    I am a PHP programmer so in PHP terms, the script would comb through the csv file step by step(although you can't see this) and because the csv file data has some kind of structure, the logic in the program would 'know' when a row ends and another row starts therefore storing it in the database accordingly then another or the same script outputs it as raw HTML to the browser in the form that you want. The data in the CSV can also be analysed by a script and output to the browser on the fly...depends on what you want.

    To parse the data in the CSV...example the below csv file:
    The programmer would just create a program that parses through the files line by line and comma by comma. 'Knowing' that before the first comma, the data would be of the year 2012, data between the first and second comma in the line would be the month....and so for and so on till the end of the line. Then loop again using the same logic on the second line.
    After the data is stored in a strucural form, it is then output to a script that then generates the fancy output to the browser.

    If you need somebody to do it for you....hire me.

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    Please hire us.

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    Finance Software Development

    There are couple of things. You have to make sure that your developer understands the purpose of your trades or has basic knowledge of finance/trading strategies. Be it technical trading or fundamental basis trading.

    We do work with quite a few freelancers who have finance knowledge through previous projects and certifications.

    You can visit our site for getting more details.

    experts.seo.2000 [at] gmail.com


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