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    phpBB Forum Integrated Into Website

    This has caused me a lot of bother and i seem to be getting no where with it.

    This is what i'm after:

    I currently run a website (obviously lol) and i don't like Messageboard/Forum whatever you want to call it for it.

    Hense i've seen a phpBB forum on another website in the same category and i really like it. The problem comes in here.

    Since i run a "game" so to speak, my users have to login everytime they want to play. It's in PHP/Javascript.

    So to begin they have to sign up.

    When a new user signs up to the website i want them to be automatically put into the phpBB user table with the same details as they've provided the form so basically: username, password (HASHED), age and game position (manager, admin, mod, member etc)

    This is the biggie.

    When a user logs in, i automatically want them to be able to use the forum with no further login, so they click on the link and the window just opens, all the side links stay, the chat stays etc. I know what i'm talking about it's just hard to describe. So, basically when they click the forum, the main boards are there then obviously they click inside and the threads show up.

    If you know you can do this, please Skype me on Provibob


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    sent you request over skype =)

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