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    Post game coders need asp

    ok i have a game that was being made called undead life and my coders quit on me i need 6 coders who know how to us unity 3d to make a zombie mmorpg game its almost finshed just need some touch ups and so other things done to it you will be paid and ur name will be on it and u may throw idea in and if every one likes them you can put them in e mail me at tylermetcalf1@yahoo.com plz hurry i dont want this to die and i know some of you are zombie frecks and want this to make so plz u will be paid

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    I do 3D modeling, texturing, animating, renders, and have made two 3D games.
    But I don't really have time with hours of my real job.

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    Your entire coding team up and quit? There must be a fundamental problem with either your management abilities, or the game design and potential. You'll need to sell this much better than you have so far.

    p.s. Sentences are ended with something that looks like this: .

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    As someone that actually has game coding experience as well as having actually worked with the Unity engine, I can say a few things that turns me off about your post/project:

    1) It is nearly finished. This means that a good deal of time would be wasted learning what had already been done and how to interface with the code in place.

    2) It lacks any feeling of professionalism. Between the lack of any delineation between sentences, the Yahoo email address (seriously, if you don't have a domain you don't have anything), and the text-message style spelling you're giving no impression of seriousness. Additionally, no comment on what the game is, other than a Zombie oriented MMO, makes one wonder if there is even a design document (a requirement no matter what anyone may think).

    3) If it's so near finished, why would coders quit? With no mention of how much one might be paid or when, one might observe that you have no venture capital. If that is the case, why would anyone spend the hours (thousands?) to write an MMO and leave right before payday?

    Withstanding all of that, if I were in the position you say you are, I would hit the Unity forums.


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