Hai All,

I am new to this website kind of stuffs, my first website is www.newinformations.com. Initially I started to post articles like a blog and got interested in site like gsmarena . I searched the whole internet for the clone script and couldn't find a single one. But some how I managed to find a site similar to gsmarena which is http://phonepedia.net/htc-wildfire-s and got their theme and hoped that the search is over . After installing it I came to know that there is some more needed than theme.

My requirements is:

I need a database which should allow me to create a table with predefined fields, take a look at this link http://phonepedia.net/htc-wildfire-s they have a table for mobile phone with three column of which two will be a constant and third column which gets changed according to the mobile phone.

I need a similar database which should allow me to create a table say for example table-1 for mobile phone, with the help of table1 i will be adding 100's of mobile phone details and table-2 be for cars , with help of that i should be able to add 100's of car specifications as a table.

Quote me your price and turn around time for this project.
Please make your offer as low as possible.
Bid with lower price will be chosen.